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BEAU Polish

Brightening up the world one nail polish at a time!

Who is Siána? A product developer by day and pretty much everything else by night. A qualified Nail Tech and nail varnish manufacturer.

"My mission is to create colours that make people happy, colours that give people confidence and help them express themselves using their hands as a canvas.


BEAU's values are an extension of myself, so I pay close attention to making sure that my brand is inclusive from the language I use to the charities I donate to.


Choosing BEAU would mean that every single handmade unit sold would not only be pure love, but it will be contributing to the future of a brand that wants to help those in need as much as possible!"



Siána Scott

Founder of BEAU Polish

The vision is to bring what you love to life through super fun colour collections that you can really relate to. From seasonal to themed, and then the very special on off colour commissions.

BEAU polish was born from a Nail Tech that loves colour. This nail tech believes that colour can be a true expression of self and loves to see everyone shine as brightly as they possibly can; showing off their personalities from their fashion choices and the colours they choose to wear. Founder Siána Scott is here to enhance that expression of self and serve you so you can feel as fabulous as you truly are.

From seasonal collections, to one off unique colours for gifts and weddings. BEAU polish caters for all. 
All products are hand made with love and with you, the customer, in mind. After all, the aim is to make you look and feel as fabulous as you truly are!

Siána Scott - BEAU Polish
BEAU Polish Indie nail polish cobolt nail polish Co-bolt from the blue vegan friendly and cruelty free formulation
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