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What your nail polish syas about you_BEAU Polish_Blog.jpg
BLOG: Self-Expression: What Your Nail Polish Choice Says About You 

At BEAU we believe that nail colours can reveal more about you than you might think, and we've got the scoop!

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2nd September 2023

Nail prep image.jpg
BLOG: The Secret to Salon-Worthy Nail Polish Finish at Home: Tips for Preparing Your Nails 

Don't want to watch a video? Check out our blog for step by step for optimal nail polish preparation.

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14th August 2023

VLOG: Quick Nail Design Using BEAU Polish

When you combine the forces of all BEAU Polish collections you can create this cute negative space design.

Once again this 5 mins video can show you how to have a cute set of nails with minimal effort!

30th May 2020

VLOG: Nail Design Using The Candy Collection

The Candy Collection is here and it reminded me so much of summer fairs that I decided to show you how to do a subtle confetti design.

In this under 5min video I will help you kick start your nail art journey with this simple design.

16th May 2020

VLOG: Nail Preparation & Design For Beginners

When it comes to a home manicure, I've got your back.


In this short video I show you how to prep your nails and create a cute simple look using BEAU Polish colours from the K-Pop Collection: "What Ji-meen?" and "Da V-isuals Doe!"

23rd April 2020

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