So you're here because you want a unique colour for a special occasion, a personalised gift or just because you deserve it.

Whatever the reason, I am here to help you!

Here are the key details:

1. Let me know the occasion, quantity (minimum 5 units) and colour you would like using the form below.

2. The bottle design cannot be changed, this will be standard design but with your own personal colour!

3. 1-3 weeks production time, this will be clarified once I receive your colour description of what you want; OR the colour swatch you will be sending (beginning on the day you send the colour to me). This is because I may need to order in some special materials for you, and it gives me more time to get it just right for you. If you have a short lead time please let me know! If I am unable to meet your deadline or unable to match the colour, then you will be refunded in full.

4. Below price includes 1 unit but excludes delivery and additional bottles. Additional bottles of the same colour will be charged separately at either £7.20 for flat colour and shimmers, or £8.50 for glitters. This will be clarified to you upon request.

5. This is YOUR polish so you can name it whatever you want! ;) *subject to copyright laws.


1. I love a pinterest/moodboard, if you can provide this then great!

2. Be specific and as illustrative as possible.


1. Please read the T&C in relation to the custom colour.

2. I will advise you on what you can do within EU safety regulations and compositions point of view, but only if I have a concern.

3. I will always have your polish on record, so if you want another one, I will do it again for you at the single unit cost ex. delivery provided I have all ingredients in stock. Just drop me a message quoting the name of the polish.


1. You will be issued a 10% off voucher for your next purchase at BEAU Polish.

2. You'll have a super unique colour to gift or to keep for yourself!