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When you look up into the night sky this is what you see...

Wait... that's your hand in front of your face because your manicure is so sparkly with all its blue flakes and holo sparkle.


Volume: 10ml


  • Handmade
  • Vegan friendly
  • Formulation is animal cruelty FREE
  • Free of 10 harmful ingredients
  • Full coverage in 2 coats, can be a jelly with 1 and any more than that is just as pretty!


*Bow designed to be removed.


Blue; holo; flakes; jelly; glitter

Galax-see You Later!

Only 2 left in stock
  • Avoid contact with eyes; in case of contact flush immediatly with water and seek medical advise.

    Keep out of reach of animals and children.

    Do not consume.

    Discontinue use if rash develops.

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