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Self-Expression: What Your Nail Polish Choice Says About You

2nd September 2023

When it comes to expressing yourself, your style often speaks louder than words, it’s the first thing people see and first impressions count! Nail polish isn't just about adding a pop of colour to your fingertips; it's a form of self-expression that speaks volumes about your personality. At BEAU we believe that nail colours can reveal more about you than you might think, and we've got the scoop! Let's dive into the world of colourful nails and explore what your favourite nail colour choices might reveal about your personality.

5 min read.

Bold Reds

If you are a fan of strong bold reds, you are likely an intensely passionate person as red is often associated with fire and love, and in some culture’s prosperity and happiness. You're a go-getter, a risk-taker, and you love to be the centre of attention.

Vivid Oranges

Orange nails indicate a lively and energetic personality, but you can also be down to earth as it associated with autumn and mother nature, given that it shares its name with a fruit. You likely appreciate the finer things in life and take time to ensure that you are present throughout all of your experiences. Your enthusiasm for trying new things is contagious!

Sunny Yellows

Yellow nails are like a burst of sunshine. They suggest you have a cheerful and optimistic disposition. You're the life of the party, always looking on the bright side of life. And in some cultures it represents courage. People are drawn to your infectious energy and your ability to find joy in the simplest things.

Pretty In Pink

Pink nails signify a gentle, nurturing personality. If you're drawn to this shade, you're probably compassionate, kind, and have a soft spot for all things cute. This colour radiates positivity and warmth, suggesting that you have a light-hearted and fun-loving nature.

Calming Green

Green nails are a sign of someone who is grounded and in touch with nature and who loves tranquilly. You're likely adventurous, eco-conscious, and have a strong sense of balance in life. These colours suggest that you're approachable and have a natural ability to put others at ease, making you a great listener and friend. Green is also associated with wealth, sophistication and abundance in some cultures.

Cooling blues

You're likely to be imaginative, thoughtful, and often a deep thinker. If you often find yourself drawn to these shades, you likely have a calm and collected demeanour. Brighter blues tend to be more calming whereas dark blues can showcase sophistication much like its green sibling.

Mystical Purples

You may be a little more mysterious and creative at heart, drawn to the beauty of the shadows. But again, like it’s blue and green siblings, purple also extrudes wealth and expense due to the historical links of how expensive it was to create it. This shade indicates that you have a rich inner world and a desire for introspection.

Mellow Brown

In the nail polish world, we call these nude colours. If you like nude brown colours, you likely are very comfortable in your own skin, you don’t need to stand out to make in impact and you are generally warm and reliable people. You are the foundation of your friendship group and the down to earth sibling in the family.